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  • We believe that each child is an entirely unique individual. 

  • We believe in nurturing curiosity and wonder.

  • We believe that education and growth happen in exploration, reflection, and dialogue.

  • We believe that social awareness starts by building our classroom community.

  • We believe in the power of  Jewish values and traditions to help us set the foundations for: Self Awareness, Curiosity, Wonder, Growth, Community, and furthermore to foster empathy, compassion, and joy in our children’s paths.

Our Curriculum

Learning and growth happen everywhere in our school! Most of our curriculum aligns with the California Preschool Foundations and comes from the programs listed below, but we often use other sources including our students topics of interest and curiosity to explore, expand and discover new learnings.

Academic Program: Learning Without Tears

This early learning and literacy curriculum suits a wide range of children and adapts to their changing needs as they grow. It acknowledges what all great educators know and what research supports: that learning needs to be joyful, child friendly, and active. While this is a Pre-K curriculum, our teachers scaffold its activities to meet the needs of children of all ages at ECLC.

Social-Emotional Learning: Peace of Mind Core Curriculum
& Harmony SEL 

The Peace of Mind Program integrates mindfulness-based social and emotional learning, conflict resolution and social justice into interactive and age-appropriate lessons and activities. Harmony SEL is a program that helps cultivate strong relationships between all students. Using age-appropriate materials, our teachers facilitate lessons and activities that enhance students’ communication and relationship-building skills. The five themes of Harmony are Diversity and Inclusion, Empathy and Critical Thinking, Communication, Problem-Solving, and Peer Relationships.

Day Care
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