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While each day is a unique adventure, the flow of our day follows a familiar routine. Below is a brief look at what your child may experience on a typical day at ECLC.

Community Time

Each morning begins with whole school Kehila (Community) Time, where the children have an opportunity to greet the day, learn about the school-wide focus together, and sing the Shema, before separating into their designated classrooms.


Classroom Learning

The classroom experience at ECLC is broken into 3 main components: circle time group learning, small group or one-on-one focus with a teacher, and free exploration. As children experience each component of their classroom learning, they are working on language and literacy, fine motor skills, social skills, mathematics awareness and so much more.


Outdoor Exploration

We believe that the natural world provides boundless opportunities for children to explore and grow. At ECLC, children spend at least 50% of their time outdoors. These moments allow them to have valuable undirected play, develop important social skills, and interact with the nature that surrounds our playground.

Meal Times

While at ECLC, children will eat lunch and one or two snacks. These times provide children with the opportunity to develop both autonomy and responsibility as they open their own lunches, feed themselves, and clean their table when they are done.


Nap & Rest

Naptime at ECLC is every day from 1:00-3:00pm. All children are provided with a sleeping cot and given space to rest while our nurturing teachers rub their backs and create a relaxing atmosphere with calming music. For those who have aged out of napping, “quiet room” activities are provided.

Afternoon Care & Enrichment

Our peaceful afternoons at ECLC provide the perfect environment for children to enjoy free exploration on our playground, enriched with moments such as music and movement, caring for our school pets, art projects, and more facilitated by our teachers.

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